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“A blend of filmic drone, spaghetti western gothic and nightmare
slo-mo surf music has hints and influences from Tom Waits to
Einstürzende Neubauten, via primal Nick Cave dramatics​" Turn Up The Volume

"Such an interesting EP with so much to say" York Calling

“A mindset that pushes well beyond the confines of standard verse-chorus-verse constructs to take on a more epic, filmic sweep.”

Joyzine Live review

"A heady, dark vintage worth passing around again and again. Drink up as much as you can.”

John Clay, God is in the TV

"The band’s set-up is far from standard and they are all about pushing the boundaries to create songs in an original way. The music is dark and atmospheric and at times it feels like a Quentin Tarantino film score."

Rock Regeneration


"Delivered complex and densely atmospheric soundscapes [and] proven they can hold their own as charismatic and adaptable live performers. They combine reliability, professionalism, musical talent and proficiency with an exciting ability to think outside the box and thus enhance the installation's carefully constructed microcosm with narratively stimulating music- and soundscapes."

Jos Porath (Berlin Theatre Director and Nestroy-Prize winner)

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